TRP Lake Ride

When: Saturday 16th June at 18:00 to 19:00.

Where: GT Bicycles Malverns Classic – Eastnor Deer Park, Ledbury, Herefordshire.

What: 100 meter long floating track across the Malverns lake. Riders will tackle the narrow one block wide (Just 50cm in width) interlocking cubes that will snake as well rise and dip like a roller coaster. The format will consist of riders trying to cross the lake, those that are successful and haven’t taken an early bath will be invited to make the return journey. The winner will be the last man standing, the one that made it furthest across.

If you don’t want to get your own pride and joy wet, DMR Bikes are providing two iconic Trailstar hardtail bikes to Lake Ride on.

Who: Anyone aged 18 or over can enter for free. Just wear your helmet (and clothes) and ideally borrow your mates bike. Plus make sure you can swim!

Why: Because the crowd is going to go mental and the winner will be lifted to legendary status, for the night at least!

How: Entry is free on a first come, first served basis. Just turn up at 18:30 at race registration with your bike, helmet and armbands.

Win: TRP are putting up a set of G-Spec Quadium brakes and rotors as a prize for the winner. Designed with TRP by the legend that is Aaron Gwin, this set of brakes is worth £477 with rotors.

Extras: There will also be spot prizes for good efforts or hilarious fails. Crowds are encouraged to bring water pistols and noise making devices and a healthy dose of heckle!