The GT Bicycles Malverns Classic 2020.

Free To Enter.

Show off your retro pride and joy!

Old Skool Collectors Alert! On Sunday we will be hosting the WD40 Retro Show and Shine.

Entry is free and is open to all bikes manufactured on or before 2000 and will be free to enter. Just turn up on the day at 08:30 in the main finish arena in front of the marquee with your pride and joy along with a rear wheel bike stand and a D-type lock.

Entries are limited to two bikes per person. The bikes will be displayed in the main arena or inside the large marquee if the weather is bad. We will then judge the bicycles down to the best ten and then the best three. The ‘Best in Show’ bike will be selected from these three and will receive the title and the prize money.

The prize fund for the ‘Best in Show’ will be a mouth-watering £1,000 courtesy of WD40. We have a display stand built that will securely display the winner’s bike for the rest of the day until 17:00. 

The Judges!

Martin Hawyes (Trials Rider), Jay Hardy (Old Skool Legend), Rory Hitchens (Legend), Geoff Waugh (Photographer) and Richard Vickery (Naked Legend) and Christopher Longbone (Retro Bike).

Schedule for Sunday 30th August:

• 08:30 – 09:00 Set up your bike with a rear wheel stand. Please note the ground will be grass maybe uneven. You may want to bring small tent pegs to help stabilise your bike stand.

• 09:00 – 10:30 WD40 Show and Shine public display.

• 10:30 Top ten bikes chosen.

• 10:45 Top three bikes chosen.

• 10:55 Award Presentation for the ‘Best in Show’. Please note there will be no runners-up prizes or awards.

* Please note if your star bike is lucky enough to win, you will not be allowed to enter that bike again at the Malverns Classic. It can only win once.


  • The WD40 retro Show and Shine is FREE to enter. You will need to purchase a festival ticket to gain admission onto the site.
  • Make sure your bike is from 2000 or older.
  • In the true spirit of the Malverns the competition is open to privateers as we want to award them for their dedication and passion. Bikes owned by manufacturers we feel are at an unfair advantage and would kindly ask that they display their bikes on their trade/expo stands for everyone to enjoy.
  • Please bring a rear wheel stand to display your bike and a D type lock.
  • You are allowed to display either one or two bikes.
  • You are responsible for your bike and you display your bike at your own risk.
  • Lock your back wheel with a D type lock to the crowd barriers if we are in the outside arena. If we are inside, still lock the back wheel with a D style lock just around the rear tyre to stop anyone rolling off with the bike in your absence.
  • We advise you to stand in front of your bike/s with the general public to allow all of the bikes to be viewed. This will also allow you to talk to any admirers of your bike!
  • Once the competition is over for you, we will advise you to exit the arena immediately with your bike and secure it. Please don’t lock it to the roof or the rear of your vehicle. Lock it securely inside your vehicle with D Locks and Cable Locks (around car seat frames etc..) if possible. Remember: out of sight is out of mind.
  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • £1,000 will be paid by bank transfer within 48 hours to the winner.

Good luck to everyone enterin

If you have any questions, please contact the Event Director Si Paton or call/text 07968 229 359 anytime.